Did anyone install version 1909 of Windows 10 ?

The new windows 10 version is available, before installing it I want to make sure totem tribe 2 will still work just in case since those big updates cause big problems sometime, so anyone who installed it can tell if tt2 still works ?

4 days ago

Looks like I upgraded to that version back in August.  I don't recall any issues with launching after the feature update, and I haven't had issues recently, except for just after the launcher updated.

4 days ago

The one of August is the previous one I think, there is a new one from last month (there is a new big update every around 6 months).

4 days ago

It's definitely 1909, and has the date below it. *shrug*
I checked for updates today and I have none available. I usually keep it pretty up to date.

4 days ago

Strange, maybe like some video games it came is USA months before europe. Anyway, I tried it on another computer and tt2 worked fine.

3 days ago

Apparently, I just installed it and had no game issues, either.  :-)

1 day ago