I am visiting Los Angeles in 16-18 January

I will be in L.A. on 16-18 January 2018 on my business trip, so if anyone is in the area and willing to meet - post here or PM me in the game. If there will be some folks to meet I might book another day just to meet with players :)

6 days ago

Berserker, probably you dont know me anymore but, long long time ago about gunrox I hacked the game ammo's 99999 etc... I programming different languages and I like the game gunrox very much!

Either this game looks very great too, I have a question, can I be admin on gunrox in return I make new updates and solve problems because, I playing gunrox 24/7 all day long 8 hours a day. Gunrox I playing from 2010 btw the AP's are very big also.

And back to the bugs... When you enter the artifact market, the text bar is missing when you want to sell arts or input E price please check it if you wish to.

Anyway I would love to meet you one time you doing good work keep up the good work and hope you comeback in gunrox a time, and may I become an administrator to increase the amount of people for the Enkord Company gunrox and Totem Tribe both. Greets Metalmorph.

Maybe another idea for gunrox making the chances a bit higher for gamble machine or a gold coin to improve your lucky ratio like "Golden gamble coin" +50% chance on luck.

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5 days ago