My sincere spologies

There were many misunderstandings in this forum and in the game. There are some language barriers that prevent some people from understanding each other. I got many firework banners above my land. Some of them were offensive but I didn't mean to reply in an offensive manner. I just answered a banner with another one which I thought was relevant. I didn't call anyone names, I didn't use offensive language, what I posted was just a fragment of a different song lyrics which, at the moment, felt like a good reaction to the one posted by someone else. I very much hope this explains it. I do have a loud mouth but I never mean to hurt other players' feelings. Hope this will be read and taken into account, thank you :). P.S - Apologies, not spologies (just a typo :)

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If you are going to apologize then take full responsibility for your actions. Apologizing while saying there were language barriers, or I got offensive FW's but didn't mean to respond back offensively is total BS. 

FW's placed on your town were NOT offensive, "who you gonna call" "Ghost busters" "for a quiet ghost you talk too much" and so on ,on that line were NOT offensive. The song lyrics place by WOLF on your town  were not offensive. You say are you boy or girl and calling her Nancy boy ( aka g@y in a not so nice way) that WAS offensive!!

If you are going to apologize, then do it with honesty, if not then just don't even bring it up!  You were better off letting it go instead of bringing up this charade!!

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What you said to Wolf was deeply offensive and unjustified

4 months ago

As this is the third non-apology you have offered, I feel I need to address what you have said.

The timeline is; over a week ago, yourself and some of your alliance members fw'd Countryman,  my fellow alliance member. I responded by with fw's on those members including yourself, with song lyrics, none of which were offensive.

I chose some David Bowie lyrics for you as you claim to be a Bowie fan, again nothing offensive involved.

You responded by using a derogatory homophobic phrase used to hurt gay men, directed at me. While factually incorrect on both counts,( you didn't know I am a woman at the time), I was offended because I hate bigotry in all its forms, as do my fellow alliance members

Your alliance leader made you apologise to me in pm. I quote- "I apologise for calling you gay (Nancy Boy)" etc

I responded that you had missed the point, that my alliance members an I were disgusted at your use of homophobic language as it can be upsetting and damaging to other people whether you meant it as an insult or not. You then gave me a slightly more meaningful apology.

With your latest 'apology' it shows you have not taken responsibility for actions and learned from the experience.

'A fragment of a lyric from a song' that is disrespectful and hurtful to anyone in our human community should not be used. I hate any form of bigotry intended or unintended.

If you did not realise this was an offensive term, then educate yourself when others inform you that it is! 

Rather than dragging the issue up again, with weak excuses for your behavior, you could have let the matter rest after our discussion in pm.

4 months ago

My alliance will only support me to a certain point, then I'll be left on my own, most probably leaving the game. All I can do is to say that it was  a misundstanding. I don't think this will stop the attacks on me, go on if you absolutely have to.

There would be a long explanation of what  I said or what someone else said. I just want to repeat - I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feellings. From now on, let's the nature to take it's course. And as my associates and allies don't share my point of view, don't go for them. I'm here, ready to pay for my mistakes.

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Ok. I'm out now so I suppose I can speak freely. There are people very good at cyber-bullying in this game and , not mincing my words, I became a target.

Some people clearly think they're superior to others just by waving bigger guns (oh so much like real life). OK, if  this game is becoming just a battlefield, without letting people walk about, discover places, solve puzzles and , just occasionally  fight, then there's something rotten. The only apologies I owe are going to my own alliance, as I had to leave to protect them from repercussions. I won't apologize to people who prey on the new/inexperienced/casual players because they don't deserve an apology. I won't apologize to people who threaten, mock and insult just because they think they're infallible. I'm still standing behind my words that I posted about a couple of months ago and which got me into the trouble in the first place.

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