I like the Ardan cemetary and the dead hand. I suggest some new features for those quests.

We could get The Dead Dragon's Wing with a new quest by talking with the necromancer.

With this dead wing, we could raise dead animals already tamed with the help of the butcher.

After some other new quests, we could collect some items in order to get theĀ Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

What a nice trophy ! Imagine those undead riders in your troops. Like the ghosts, they should be tamed after you succeed in some "undead" mission. They could have lots of health, be faster like horsemen or knights.

I suggest that this mission could be afforded by the necromancer or even better, the zoo's keeper in Karfaree !

This could be more logical with a new destination to explore like a jungle with lots of undead animals to fight.

I suggest a new cave in karfaree with the revolt of all poor animals starving, dead and raising and awaiting for a revenge.

The Zoo's keeper could have some lots of things to get back (quest items). As this game is fun, this could be a pink inflatable unicorn + some glue + patch + 1 picture of the keeper with his unicorn (as fun as the explanation for the Riley's Tatoo).

Best regards.

8 months ago

Four horsemen of the apocalypse sounds interesting. We will have the apocalypse in Beta 1, so plan to do some narrative clues about it.

8 months ago