Arrangement/order of locations in the quest location menu (golden key on lower left corner) has been mentioned before. I would like to suggest (someone probably has before) to devide them into tabs/submenues - story quest locations (OH, Karfaree, etc), monster dens, dungeons and so on.

It's not even so much the current clutter in there that bothers me, but I was thinking that with the new points of interest, those need to be more easily locate-able too - eventually players explore all over the map and not always in order, so I can already see that I am not going to enjoy regular scrolling over the entire map to see if I have any poi's left that I can make use of.

So in the above mentioned submenu POI would be another category. I'd like to see one icon for each type of location, with its description shown when mouse hovers over it. Once you click on an icon, it transports your viewing perspective onto the nearest location of that kind. Click again, and it moves to the second nearest, and so on. No movement of perspective would indicate that you have reached the one that is currently the furthest away.