Totem tribe 2 takes a very long time to close

Is there any reason why I should close totem tribe 2 normally instead of killing core.exe with the task manager ? Because if I close it normally, until the game is actually closed, my hard disk drive is crazy for a few minutes, my computer is slow and I don't even have any idea why since it's not like the game would be saving anything at all.

2 weeks 3 days ago

I may suggest due to paging file on your system and low amount of RAM. Also this paging file could be heavily fragmented..
When game closes - it's cleaning respective data from RAM (that could be already moved to paging file - it could cause your harddrive to be havily loaded). When you kill process - system just invalidate whole memory blocks, without touching pagefile itself.

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2 weeks 2 days ago

Thanks, that's helpful.

2 weeks 2 days ago