Many new players complaint of not being aware of the 150 days of hero life prior to playing for some time. Would it be possible to include this information as part of the initial talks with Zwei?  Maybe something like "You have 150 days of play. This time can be used to gain experienced or gain a victory.

Every time a chest item is picked up you see the message in general chat i.e.  fishbone. Would it be possible to improve this message by saying something like 1/10 fishbones obtained?

Can it be possible to have the heroes continue their marching from point A to point B in a location without having to stay there and observe? Often times the walk from a last room quest in a dungeon to the "front chest room" can be a pretty lengthy walk. I don't understand why we have to stay in the quest location to make sure the walk is done and not be able to go set builds for instance without losing the advanced distance.

It is very difficult to find the precious figurines of enlightenment at higher hero levels. Can this item be added to the trades done by the Tootie Lady? Maybe she can exchange 10 figurines of teaching for 1 figurine of enlightenment?  

2 months ago