Early Game Improvements

In today's update we have made some early game changes to make the beginning of new hero and country more dynamic and fun.

There were reports that Classical Age in the game is a bit stale and the game slows down at some point after tutorial and catches pace around Medieval Age. Considering that a large part of the Classical Age players play with Stone Age units and structures, we decided to tweak the Stone Age:

  1. Hunter, Nomad, and Caveman now have a serious bonus attack against monsters - this will allow players to enjoy fighting monsters, clearing monster dens, and leveling up their heroes earlier. This will also make Stone Age units more useful (especially Caveman which is almost never picked instead of Witchdoctor).
  2. We have reduced population in some of the Stone Age buildings. Because of limited amount of huts and their low overall level, even with maxed huts, construction time is well over 100% until you research houses. This tweak is aimed at reducing this slowdown.
  3. You can also unlock some monster dens earlier - Dendrog's Lair and Feral Tribe can be unlocked in Opposition Hideout so you can begin exploring, fighting monsters, and gaining experience faster.
  4. Free settlers - if you haven't settled your second town yet for a significant time (i.e. because you are blocked with other player and domain is small), some extra settlers may join your country for free to allow you to reach this first major milestone.

I would also like to ask for contributions from players. Can you recall moments in the game when there is not much to do and all you are really doing is waiting for progress? When does it happen and why? We are looking forward to locating these boring episodes in the game and fixing them. Your opinions and experience will help a lot.

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These sound like brilliant changes and should help enormously.  One minor suggestion - the start is always very slow, waiting until there are enough resources, so when builds are less than 5 mins, sometimes not worth pushing the button for instant build as there are not enough resources available to do anything more.  Wood is the hardest resource to get enough of - so could I suggest that dwelling has an increased number of wood spots?

1 week 3 days ago

After this up date My computer is now giving a critical error and shutting down. 

1 week 3 days ago

Are these changes only for new heroes or will already placed heroes have them?

1 week 3 days ago

I think a good improvement would be for the hero/army to be able to go from say Dendrogs Lair to Fire anomoly without having to to the town first,would that be possible?

1 week 3 days ago

I agree with Dordiana, ressources are slowing down the game a lot in the begining. Wood mostly, yes, but all the others too. So maybe, increase spot's productions in stone age (and classical age?) , and reduce it starting classical / medieval. Increasing productions will help also fighting monsters ( especially now after this update ) - in early ages not easy to retrain units when you need in priority ressources to rise up your country correctly. 

Also, I would suggest to add more motivating quests for upgrading ressources. Recently, I've spoked with a lot of collectivist players, and most of them seems to neglict to max out ressources. Lot of peoples are not seeing the relation between productions and science spending, especially in stone age and in classical age, therefore they are not advancing in the game and they may think wrongly that the game is slow. .Detailed informations from Zwinstein about that will be useful imo. 

1 week 3 days ago

Reply to senorfrog :

I think a good improvement would be for the hero/army to be able to go from say Dendrogs Lair to Fire anomoly without having to to the town first,would that be possible?

No, that's part of the core mechanic which cannot be changed

1 week 3 days ago

It would be nice to be able to opt out of the tutorial section for players who have played numerous Alphas.

I would still love to have the beacon lights bend as you move the objects in the dungeons.  It is just to tedious to keep walking the hero around constantly.

1 week 2 days ago

In today's update we have rebalanced Classical and Medieval ages as well so players can progress into those ages more smoothly, but it will be harder to run past them. You can see update log for details.

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