Enkord Cash refund on Alpha 8 launch

All Enkord Cash spent from the 1st of June, 2017 until the wipe will be returned at Alpha 8 launch, regardless of when the launch actually happens.

So far we do not have an exact date for Alpha 8 deployment, but it is getting closer and closer. So we would like to encourage players to be more active and have more fun with this refund.

The major milestone of Alpha 8 will be a whole new Information Age and the numerous tech, buildings, and units it will contain, including some unique ones like Energy (6th basic resource), Uranium (global resource which unlocks Atom Bombs and Nukes), Aircraft Carriers, and many more other interesting things. Another major improvement will be new plaсes of interest on world map, so world exploration will be much more exciting. There will be other smaller new things as well - a new minigame to say the least.

Posted 6 months ago.


Good to hear that !!! Thanks...

What do yo mean exactly by " new players of interest on the world map"? Are they related to a new victory ? 

6 months ago

Does he actually mean "places of interest" ? So maybe more locations on the world map to visit ?

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6 months ago

Reply to Andruxius :

Does he actually mean "places of interest" ? So maybe more locations on the world map to visit ?

yes indeed :-) lol 

6 months ago

I'm more interested in this "wipe" and returning of money...  What exactly does that mean and how does the money thing work.  I would love to take advantage of it as you say.

3 months ago

Just looking through a bunch of different threads here and saw this... I don't believe that I got my Enkord cash back.  

2 weeks 6 days ago

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