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Equipment Memorizer Added

Equipment Memorizer Added

By popular demand today we are adding a new feature called "Equipment Memorizer". This feature allows to change equipment sets in a matter of a few clicks.

There is a new button in your hero tab which opens up "Equipment Memorizer" window. In that window you can save or load presets with items for your hero.

This allows you to have sets of items for different tasks in the game, i.e. one set for research in town, another set to fight monters, yet another to attack other players, e.t.c. This memorizer allows to equip all pre-defined items all at once, instead of dragging everythong one by one.

There could be multiple slots, each slot contains FULL SET of equipped items. To unlock memorizer slots you need special item called "Ruyevit's Briefcase". Higher number of slots requires progressively more items to unlock.

This is a rare item, but couple of quests allow you to get it for free, i.e. in the end of Bulat's Quest, also in the end of Shaman Blacksmith quest, alternatively you can buy it in the Cash Shop.

Overall this was made as an experimental paid feature to see if the sales of this item will cover the cost of programmer's salary for the time it took to implement this feature. If it will, maybe we will do other improvements this way.

Memorizer is stored on server, so if you play the game from different devices, presets will be shared across them.

Memorizer slots are available only for current hero, they disappear after victory or game over.

Some bugs fixed in this update as well, see update log for more info.

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And maybe cultural characters too.

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Please could we have a link, in main screen, for the memorizer slots?  Currently I have 3 sets.

Set 1 for fighting PvE mobs (with focus on science and consumable finds), 

set 2 is for when hero is in dwelling (focus on research speed and resource production) and 

set 3, (for chance to pick 2 instead of 1 and science point picking  %).

With mob (PvE) fights, I switch between set 1 and 3 often.

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