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Thoughts about improving the crafting

Thoughts about improving the crafting

The crafting system and crafting idols introduced a year ago have their share of positive and negative moments - and now it's time to share some thoughts about improving them and making them more exciting.

While we have in some ways succeeded in bringing attention to the idols by adding the shaman/blacksmith and his quest, apparently it was not enough. Lets take a look at each idol in detail:

  • Repair Idol - probably the most used one. No matter how you put it, your favorite gear needs to be fixed.
  • Disassembly Idol - useful to those players who want to save on ore and crystals by disassembling unused gear to fix useful ones later.
  • Enhancement Idol - while its usefulness is debatable and some people may argue that the prices are too steep, this idol can turn useless artifacts into better ones or good ones into exceptional. It's just up to your luck and whether you are willing to take the chance.
  • Crafting Idol - actually, the crafting idol is the most useless one and I bet no one is using it apart from completing the quest. If not - please post in the comments, I would love to hear about it.

So the improvement of the crafting system will come from improving the item crafting. How so? By adding some items you will not be able to obtain otherwise!. Take a look at these:

(click the picture to view full size)

Take a look at these Samurai item sets - you will be able to craft these items from ores via the crafting idol! To make things more interesting, some crafting items will be unlocked only after you find the appropriate recipes - and finding more recipes will improve your chances of crafting that item.

These items can be ONLY obtained through crafting and there is absolutely no way to get them in other places. This will motivate players who want unique stuff to use the crafting idol. The items will not only look cool but will also have higher base stats - which will also make them perfect candidates for turning into artifacts to improve even more!

Here is another set - Pharaoh:

(click the picture to view full size)

It will only be obtainable via crafting.

Now please answer several questions:

  1. Which idols do you use often and which ones not and why?
  2. How do you like those sets above?
  3. Would unique items like those make you use item crafting more?
7 years ago

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Like most, I use repair and disassembly the most.  I love Shres's suggestion that with the enhancement idol we would have an option to apply the change or not.  I have no problems spending the crystals, even if I don't keep the ability.

The idea of new/unique item's in the crafting idol definitely would make me try it again, but if the items are too hard to actually get, or if the requirements to wear these unique items are too high, I would stop using the idol again.  I will definitely try it out tho!!

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  • Which idols do you use often and which ones not and why?
  • so i went out of my way to max out my crafting perks with my hero so i would be able to specifically enhance non enhanced items. i have really loved and used the crafting system and would like to see some of the randomness removed, maybe getting different gear with different combinations or amounts of items.

Here is the frequency with which i use each of the idols: 

  • Repair Idol - I rarely use this as i craft replacements and enhance
  • Disassembly Idol - I use this often when i get gear from adventuring, i disassemble things that i won't use in recent levels, equipment is plentiful and what i use is a small portion of what i gather
  • Enhancement Idol - this one i use to try to get items that are a similar level enhanced. i tend to horde at least a back up and an upgrade for all my equips. through this, i often get an item of equal or greater level to my own and enhance some items to lower their equip level
  • Crafting Idol - i use the crafting idol almost as much as the disassembly idol, and often use them in tandem. when i get rare ores i use them to get new and/or similar level gear to what i have equipped, it gives me the option to have a specific look i'm going for and tidy up my inventory
  • How do you like those sets above?
  • the sets above would be interesting to have, but their effectiveness would ultimately determine whether i used them or not, and if the entire set gave some sort of character bonus or attribute, maybe being able to attack with an alliance co-member with the same or matching set having a boon to attack or extra of some sort
  • Would unique items like those make you use item crafting more?
  • if recipes that are met by certain criteria are in the cards, i would definitely be using the crafting system more, and unique items that are only available from crafting is definitely of interest to me. i don't have the money to spend on items and ores for getting advanced or specialty gear from the store, so crafting is definitely my outlet for getting cool/interesting items
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I use the repair, disassembly and enhancement idols the most.  I find the repair idol is the most frequent as artifacts wear out very fast.  Maybe too fast. . ..   I tend to get discouraged at the randomness of the enhancement idol, especially when it replaces one aspect I want to keep with another I do not want.

I love disassembling artifacts I won't use to get ores and crystals so that's inducement enough for me. 

The costumes are cool and I love that they will have functionality too.  :-))  This may get me to use the crafting idol more.  So far, it has not proven its worth to me.

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Just a thought : maybe we can find also  some special  recipes allowing us to fusion 2 artefacts in order to get a better one...:-)

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When we are using the crafting idol, the only option available after creating 1 item is : "claim".

Is that possible to add another option : "throw" ? 


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Why not have idols age related, so you need more perks for each age.

Stone age needs no perks, can freely use idols of crafting, repair and disassembly with a good chance of success, but only for stone age gear and ore.  No artefacts/enhancement idol until Classical or Medieval.  

Classic age needs level 1 perk each for crafting, repair, reduce chance of success a little.  Disassembly still free, but only gives copper ore, with less chance of success.

Artefacts could be tied into hero level.  Unlock enhancement idol at hero level 10.

I think making the disassembly idol free for all ages, would give a lot more interest, to crafting.  Disassembling artefacts could still need a perk or two.

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Bump.  Such pretty gear, to be left gathering dust.  Maybe it could go into location digspots?  Or the excavating ruins, shipwrecks, pyramids.  Underwater also deserves some special items.  

Please disable healing, in perks, artefact attributes, ect, until it doesn't stop the hero from fighting.  As your best fighter, they do not need to be kissing boo boo's, at the rear, whilst their army are getting slaughtered.

Soon, it will be spooky season, how about some 'temporary' pumpkin hats, in chests?  Or from the crafting Idol.  Or other halloween themed 'temporary' items.

For December, can we build a christmas tree, with 10 or 20 levels, last one puts a star or a fairy on the top.  It can disappear sometime in January.

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It would be nice to see disassembly streamlined. Being able to add multiple items at a time to each disassembly animation. I found it just too time intensive to actually use it with the disassembly animation taking up a few seconds for each item. I have a bunch of junk I would process but find my time is better spent exploring or building. If the process was made so you could stack at least 10 items in there and then see the results then I would use it and probably have the materials to make crafting and repair more useful. 

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I use all idols and I like the crafting one, but I wish it gets upgraded, I wish it was possible to craft 100 ores instead of doing it one by one, that would help I guess, also disassembly

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