30 day prohibition with 150 day lifespan question

Today I ran into a situation where one of our heroes wants to join in an attack on someone more than 30 days older than she is.  She is 91 days old.  The target is 128 days old so his 30 day limit is well expired.  However, hers has not.  In order for her to be able to attack him or anyone of his age she has to wait 9 or 10 days making him almost 140 days old.  This effectively makes him and those that started with him, off limits for almost the entire life of the hero.  Given that our life spans are now 150 days, was it the intent to make attacks impossible for 2/3 minimum to 9/10 maximum of the hero life?

If two heroes are started 30 days apart BOTH heroes have to be at least 100 days old before they can attack one another, right?  So, that means that the older hero has to be 130 days old before the younger one can attack.  That's 86.7% of the life span that hero is untouchable by the younger attacker.  If the older hero wants to attack the younger hero, the younger is off limits for 2/3 of its lifespan.  With the shortened life this takes war off the table for those heroes 30+ days apart in age for 2/3 to more than 4/5 of their play sessions.  Depending on the number of people playing, this situation can be multiplied by who knows what factor.   This the simplest example. I'm just asking if that was intended.  Was it?  

I have always wondered why the younger heroes can't commit suicide by hitting the older ones too to be honest.  :-)

3 months ago

I would like too hear the devs view on this, esp why younger ones can't attack older ones. THANKS!! :)

3 months ago

In my example I meant 31 days apart or just over 30 days.  I find that the age of the hero is different depending on who is viewing it.  For instance, I may see I have 15 days of life left but someone from a different time zone will see 14 or 16 days depending.  At least I think it's dependent on time zone location.

3 months ago