an idea about cutting off building time in a fun way

building structures is a boring and a repetitive task in totem tribe jotun, so why not spice things up by giving the opportunity for players to play mini games in order to cut off specific amount of time...

In order to shorten the building time you would have to click on a building that is currently being upgraded or constructed, a GUI would open, there would be an additional button, with the words "speed up", once it is clicked, there would be 2 more buttons, 1st one would say "by game" and the second would "by items". Choosing the 1st button, you would have 3 more choices : Small game ( 15 mins or 5-15% of time skipped (Idk, maybe needs re balancing)) - a game could be something short, like 3 rounds of gomoku or something. Medium game ( 45 mins or 20-30% ) - like russian checkers. Big game ( 120 mins or 40-60%) - chess, Sudoku.

If you have lucky coins, you can try your luck on instantly finishing a building with casino games like 21, or poker.

6 months ago

also this other thing! - you could play a limited amount of those mini games a day, say like 2-5. if you are playing against a bot, you should be able to select difficulty that would affect the building time skipped, this would motivate players to choose higher difficulty though having higher chances to lose..

and once they lose... A DISASTER HAPPENS!! well it basically adds more time to building, this way it makes this building thing a bit more frustrating.

OH and in order to be able to have this mechanic the player is required to build a "mansion", upgrading the mansion will open the players to higher difficulties and bigger games..

also pardon my English if i type unintelligibly 

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6 months ago