So, it started as a "joke" in cc, but  after thinking about it a bit, it can actually be a good concept. What if once a year there is a "sale" on ecash  with a decrease on the purchase amount for donators and maybe a bigger percentage off the purchase of ecash for new donators. Maybe buy one , get 1/2 off second one.

Another idea would be to have a "shop sale" I think this would also encourage people to donate and buy items.

Both "deals" do not necessarily need to happen on the same day, but maybe have it schedule as a yearly deal.  Once a year ecash sale and also once a year shop sale. Something for new people or regular donators to look forward to and some donations or purchase better than none :)

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4 months ago

Nice idea, would be great to get a bargain twice a year ( a bit of notice so i can make hubby work overtime tho !!)

4 months ago

I think it's a great idea. We all need an incentive.

4 months ago

I know you said earlier today that "we don't do sales" Bers so how about a 'Christmas present' from you to us so that for the month of December we can purchase Ecash at a slightly reduced rate or how about putting a 'voucher' in some of the chests that allows us to purchase Ecash cheaper for a set period instead of being given wood and stone all the time, neither of these could be classed as sales they are simply 'gifts' but which would also be incentives for us to spend :).

4 months ago

We have penty of payment incentives, but they are aimed at loyal donators (cash club), volume donators (volume discounts and packages, item packs) or dedicated spenders (vip). Time-based discounts will hurt is in the long run, because they will encourage people to refrain from spending until discounts. That's why we are not going to do this kind of sales in any of the forseeable future.

On the other hand holidays do need some special offers, but they would be rather something different than usual, instead of just cheaper.

3 months ago