Could someone give me a hint about archaeology--I have the right perk, but I can't dig because apparently you need 'the right tool'.  So what is that, and where am I likely to get it? Also, I don't seem to be able to find the archaeologist's tools in Keeper's Village; is he the one who gives you tools to use (when you complete the quest I mean)?

8 months ago

There is an archeologist in Keeper Village quest location but he is to the right of the screen sort of across from the entrance to the village itself.  Talk to him and do his quest and you will get the first level tools you need to start digging.  :-)

8 months ago

"archaeologist's tools in Keeper's Village"

Have you tried to move near the crates with hero?

Crates will shake and when they do click them. They move to another location.

Also, one of the tools is hidden in mountains above archeologist.

8 months ago