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Automatic Update on New Continent

Hiya Bers,

could there be something like an automatic update whenever a new continent opens, maybe also with information on which climate zone it is in?

Unless I am mistaken, currently it is only possible to know by asking around. Obviously bigger alliances have a bit of a better overview due to their players being scattered over several continents and exploring there.

Personally, I don't like to play in certain climates, and I also don't like to land on a continent shortly before it is considered full. If for example a message like "A new continent X in climate zone Y just opened" appeared in CC, I could make an informed decision whether and when to start a new hero there.

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There is no need for an automatic update to tell you when continents are getting full or when a new one is created and its type of terrain as you can discover this information for yourself the same way I do and have been doing for some considerable time and I am not in a big alliance.

To know when a continent you are on is getting full you just need to clear an area of land in the bottom left hand corner of it using explorers and then you will see it being populated and know the end is near. This will also give you the added benefit of long distance places of interest such as Jails, Precursor Labs, Kung Fu etc etc.

When you start a new hero, or reuse a previous one, and you get to the screen with the globe on it it clearly tells you the terrain of the continent that you will land on if you decide to proceed further and let your hero be born.  

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