I just want start a discussion about polity and account-development, also pro and cons about both.

+ Defense up to 300%
+ no plunder store below 50%
+ Starttown can't be captured
- offensive just 30% power

+ Normal army-power
- no protection of starttown and ressources

After some research and some accountdevelopment what will happen?
You can research a stash and so you are able to protect all of you ressources for a low price, even with palisade and watchtower you can raise your defencepower. With some knowlege no attacker will win, and if he win he won't steal some of your ressources. So no attack is worth to do because attacker most time needs more ressources to rebuilt his army as he will plunder.

Now lets look at the player with leaderism. We know attack against player with communality will be expensive with less rate of plunder. To raise your chance to win vs defensive (with additinal towers, palisade) you must buy many many hunter, braves, archer, rams or what ever. Most of these buildings had bad effect for your cultures wich even means a smaller domain and a smaller chance to expand. A bad setting to say a war-nation should have less chances to expand.

So it seems leaderism is just a good choise if you have some multiaccounts or known inactive accounts close to you. So you can farm them but most of the time you don't need ressources.

7 years ago

That's because at the moment expanding your borderes is crucial to expand. I am going to rebalance things in the future updates so that building a lot of settlers would be at least as lucrative as expanding your borders with culture. Therefore agressive people can put their extra resources into settlers to move towards expansion. But honeslty current system is just random bits used to see if the game will "click" at all. Currently it does not have ANY balance. I am planning to make serious changes to the ballance to make the expansion only one of the possible options, not top priority for everyone.

For example I've already adjusted limit of science spendings in Shrine of Knowledge to 1% down from 5%. With such change, pumping up Shrine of Knowledge now is the top priority as now 1 level of Shrine is equivalent on upgrading ALL income buildings up to 1 level. To offset that new power I've also added various requirements for different levels of the Shrine. This way person who is focused on Science will be more inclined to upgrade the shrine and income building up to some decent level first before investing into Chieftain Hut lvl 10 and settlers, thus expansion suddenly becomes not #1 priority.

For war path I've made some tweaking too to reduce the need of new town. I've increased the time to train a brave up to 1 hour 20 minutes, but reduce time by 5% per each level of Hut of the Brave. This way with level 10 you will train braves faster by the factor of 2, but on level 20 you will be building them 20 times faster! Therefore for agressive people upgrading their barrack buildings will become more important than building second town as they need to upgrade their barracks there too in order to churn out units at decent speed.

For warrior type of account army is their main source of income, thus they need to regenerate it fast. It might be not obvious now since there are not many players now and all of them are pretty active, but in real game there will be accounts with different activity levels and significant part of them will be not very active with a lot of excessive resources. Those will be used by warriors as a source of income. Due to the fact that warrior is plundering others non-stop he will have a high chance of loosing units due to accidently meeting resistance. That's why speed of unit training will be critical as in this game we have army limits that are easy to reach.

7 years ago

And how should a warrior spend the resourrces he plunder? For better research everybody will upgrade stonefields, gardens and forestries. At moment, mosttime you produce more as you need to upgrade a building. And if you change this it will be hard to balance this with multiaccounts who farm all own accounts. Even the fact you can send ressources to other towns. This could be a problem to balance this features.

7 years ago

Naturally, the warriors will be spending resources to upgrade their barracks and other infrastructure required for the barracks (storage, etc.) Upgrading them to the high levels is not cheap.

7 years ago