Basic guide to - fighting Mobs, i.e. Pve (player versus environment).Does not include PvP(layer) or Creature Habitats, which are covered elsewhere.

Mobs are groups of aggressive units, that will fight your hero, if you go close enough.  In TT2 mobs are either feral troops, creatures, undead or constructs.With a few rare exceptions, will be a maximum of 8 units, per mob.  Creatures, undead and constructs come in 3 sizes, small, medium and big.  You can click on any units, to see it's stats and traits.Feral troops are only found in Dens.  The others can turn up in your towns, but dwelling will only have the tutorial "evil mushrooms", no other mobs will spawn (turn up) in dwelling.

Stone age Army  (bonus attacks against monsters, it is only a monster, if it has monster in its "traits").

Melee units these units fight on the front line and are the first to die, you want them to have both big health and strong attack.  Armour for your own units is usually tiny, you don't get a blacksmith until classic age, but armour upgrades are rarely worth the cost.  

Hunter - weak, cheap, quick to train, has bonus attack against monsters.

Brave - less weak, less cheap, longer to train, no bonus attack.

Cavemen - weak attack, lots of health, slow speed, longer to train.  bonus attack against monsters.  In research, you can choose cavemen OR witchdoctor healers, most people go for witchdoctors.

Nomads - these are mounted units, with lots of health, expensive, long training times, weak attack, bonus attack against monsters.  You need to have a horse global (on world map), within your border and claimed (cost resources to build a fence around them, then you can use them).  You can also buy horses, from the horse trader, when he visits, 1,000 food will put a hunter or brave, on a horse and turn them into a Nomad.  He will sell minimum of 3, maximum of 6.  Travellers such as him will stay for 24 hours.  Slaver will sometimes sell you mounted units.

Healer  Witchdoctors, range 3, can heal other units, if they are in range.  I.e. no more than 3 rows away from damaged unit.  (If you choose the caveman research, you cannot build Witchdoctor shack, to train your own witchdoctors.  There is not another healer unit until Medieval age).  You can sometimes buy them from "slaver" or rescue them from "jails".

Ranged  Archer - needs level 10 hunters hovel, to train.  Range 4, if in your first 4 rows, will fight.

Others  Explorers and spies have tiny attack and very low health, do not use for fighting.  Explore a lot, it will help later on.

Animals can fight, but check their stats.  Foxes are best used as explorers.

Fighting  Pick your squad.  Hero is always included.  First mobs are Dendrogs, in Opposition hideout.  stats  When you level up your hero, go for 1 or 2 vitality first, then vitality and strength.  (never, ever choose healing perks, they will have your hero doing tiny bits of healing INSTEAD OF FIGHTING).

1st fight  2 small dendrogs - click on them, to check their stats.  Hero and 1 or 2 hunters will probably be enough, or if you went with vitality, hero alone might be enough.

2nd fight  3 small dendrogs  hero and 3 or 4 hunter/braves.

WATCH THE REPLAY in reports.  Maybe even do a little bit of maths.

If you choose witchdoctors, add 1 for each 3 other units.

EXPERIENCE points for levelling up hero.  You get 50% of enemies health points, as experience.  If your own units or hero die, you get 200% of their health points.

Once you have some of everything, suggested squad is 50% Nomads, hero, a few healers and 30 - 40% archers.  I.e. hero, 7 nomads, 3 healers & 5 archers.

Poi Blacksmiths is the only way to upgrade stone age units.  Poi = Place of interest, found on the world map.  It is done as a % of the units sent, will get either a level 1 weapon upgrade (very useful) or a level 1 armour upgrade (tiny boost).  You don't get many, so try and wait until you have a lot of units to send.  Include any already upgraded, as is helps improve the chance, of the other units being upgraded.

Been wanting to do one of these, for a long time.  I am sure others could do it better, to help new players.  Will also add it to beginners guides.

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