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is it possible to convert those images that contain only text to be actual text?

If you really want that, you can use a free online ocr and it would work perfectly.

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I have upload some of the guide to Google docs

If someone can figure out how to OCR - Optical character recognition or explain it to me, I will tidy it up.

Google docs offers translation, to other languages, lets you upload  text and insert pictures, plus the OCR thing, also the "collapsing pockets" and can be edited, by anyone with a Google account?  The OCR thing also makes everything searchable, even text in pictures?   I found a tutorial  :)    The link is now shared.

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With it's pretty simple, in a few clicks I got this for example (there is no capital letter because of a chrome addon I'm using, it wouldn't do that otherwise):

tutorial - gromus- tasks and rewards.

intro:- build hut, shrine and chieftain hut, choose politics (new players should choose collective), then

gromus summons hero (it's you, time to choose your face and outfit.)

1. find a source of food and wood. reward food - 100 food, 5xp. wood - 150 woad, 15xp (10xp is from

fighting evil mushroom).

2. research agriculture (gardening), upgrade all garden spots to level 1. research carpentry (wood), upgrade

all wood spots to level 1. reward 100 food, 100 wood, 3 trommels and 10xp

3. research hunting, build hunters hovel, train hunter. two more mushroom fights. rewards club and soxp

from mushrooms, 130 food, 130 wood and 10xp.

4. research observation, train explorer, woohoo, you've spawn on the world map. send out explorer, you

will be shown where to find heralds home. (you can now research stone age).

5. send hero to heralds home. get crest from herald. you will need to send 11 food and 61 wood (research

barter, for market), the rest you can find in location. part way up the path in heralds home, you will trigger a

reward for your dwelling. 150 food, 150 wood, paton's hammer and 10xp. (on left hand side, before you get

to the 4th bush). herald gives you 15xp, plus amorial (book needed to pick or change crest).

6. choose a crest, talk to bulat, do number puzzle by zweistein and talk to him.

the end - of gromus quests, he leaves and you get a novice package. plus 100 food, 100 wood and 15xp.

total xp 130

zweistein quests these give better rewards than bulat, who doesn't start until 3rd set of zweistein quests


reward xp

intro:- research stone. 100 wd so st novice m 20

economy 1:-

upgrade all resources to level 2. 100 wd novice m 20

research supplies 50 fd 150 wd 50 st 20

economy 2:-

all resource fields to level 3 novice m 50 ea fws 50

hut to level 3 blueprint 10

storage sheds food wood stone level 1 50ea fws 50

research mysticism lucky coin 50

shrine of knowledge to level 2 microscope 50

economy 3:-

food to 200 per hour hor's hoe 50

wood 150 per hour yarilo's saw 50

stone to 150 per hour daj'bog's pickaxe 50

chieftain hut level 2 scholar's manual 50

build 3 huts (need chieftain level 3). blueprint 50

market level 3 50 each fws 10

altar level 1 ambrosia 50

science spending 1800 per hour treatise 50

all sheds to level 2 100 each fws 50

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Zoryana quests and rewards.

Karfaree Market offers

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Tech - research.   A guide I made, of my personal choices and some notes, on prequisites.

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This is an amazing Guide - Thank you :)  

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Stitch thank you for all your work. :))

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