Bug report??? repair scythe, and waterpot

Hello ,

I am not sure if these are bugs. 

1, I used scythe in many location, in the end, it says: too weak to cut any branches. So I tred to repair it via idol, but whatever I did, to the repair idol in my town or in Herand's location, nothing happened. I do added the perk, but still is stuck with it. Do I miss anything? or it is a bug?

2, I went to Fetal tribe to have the fight. to get rid of the fire. I do found a waterpot when I return my town. Just to be sure (maybe too much careful), I visited keeper's villege to get water (water in green, not as other loaction). Then returen my town, and start moving to Fetal tribe. Strange is that when I arrived Fetal tribe, the water pot disappeared. it is not a item only for one location. So it is quite surprised. Is it possible a bug too? since not everyone will return keeper's loaction with a extra waterpot, which was used before, and disappeared too when I did that quest there too. 

Can you please check if above cases are bugs? and can you please help to fix it?

Thanks in advance. 

5 months ago

Neither is a bug.  You will get tools of different levels to remove various obstacles as your hero increases her level.

The scythe can only cut very weak thorns.  Stronger thorns require a higher level cutting tool which you don't have yet.  There is no way to repair the scythe and it doesn't break or wear out.

The glass jar like the one in keepers village is not for use in feral tribe.  To get rid of fire you need the proper tool which is a wooden bucket of water for the first level tool and weakest fire of that type.  The glass or clear jars like the one you filled at Keepers Village won't show up for feral tribe because it can't be used there.   The glass jars that you find in town are for collecting honey and valerian root in towns and for water in Keepers Village.

5 months ago

I see now. Thanks a lot! Only one thing is cruise, the glass jar is filled with water, then it will be disappeared since it should be used for honey?? correct?


5 months ago

The jar you find in Keepers does disappear once the trees are watered.  The jars you find in your towns are for collection of honey and valerian flower nectar.  :-)  They do not disappear.

5 months ago

Hello, thanks for your reply. 

I found the jar in the town again and used it for honey. :-)

5 months ago