Hi guys, I'm trying to play from a new computer - from my second account (apparently, this one is working :) ) where I already have 2 heroes, one quite advanced and in an alliance. No joy, as I don't remember the answer to the secret question (I may well have put something completely random in there as the account was originally supposed to be just a temporary one so I wasn't too bothered). I'd now love to continue playing with that account but it looks that I won't be able to as there's not even an option to have the answer sent to my email. Do I have to resign on that account (which I've paid quite a lot of money into just a few days ago) or is there a way to rescue it without the darn secret question? If someone knows what to do in such situaion, please let me know (would a donation receipt help? Or something else)? Thanks :)  (ALSO A NOTE FOR MY ALLIANCE FRIENDS - IF SOMEONE FROM CoS READS THIS GUYS, PLEASE TELL THE OTHERS THAT RRH IS TEMPORARILY -OR MAYBE PERMANENTLY- DISABLED.

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I'm having a similar problem. My laptop died yesterday and I could not get into my account on another computer because I don't remember my password. And I can't reset my password because I apparently used some other version of my name when I was unsure if I would like this game. I have no idea what "name" I used. I added my cell number awhile back to cover any problems that might come up, but there is no option other than my name. I've sent an email to Enkord customer service about this twice (once, a month or so ago and again yesterday) but have received no response.

I don't understand what the point of the cell numbers is if we can't use it in such a situation. Is there a new  customer service email account that is monitored? I found a temporary fix for my laptop, but eventually this one will die and I will be unable to play as things currently stand. Can someone please contact me to help me work out a solution to this? I also have donations receipts and, as I said, I registered my cell number.

Thank you.

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Exactly the same problem here and it looks that there's no way of retrieving the account with a typo in your name; seems a bit strange to me as I can prove beyond doubt that both accounts were created from the same IP address and the donations paid from the same account (I can present the receipts). A lesson learned and an account lost but Enkord should at least be able to reimburse the money or transfer them to the functioning account. I'll try that, if it fails, I'll ask my bank, maybe they will be able to  help. $40 is quite a  lot of money for me.

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Halleluja - after about 100 attempts I've managed to retrieve the account. Enkord should emphasize how important the secret question is to prevent players from losing their accounts. Good luck to everyone who's dealing with the problem now...maybe there's hope if you keep trying :)

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Well done RedRightHand!!!!!  There's hope for everyone :))

Just got to wrack those old brain cells :))

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