Can't really kill broiler dragons without sulfur

I may be wrong, but it seems like even with a hero level 50 (50 charisma 50 intellect best helmet best gloves), even with a real lot of crossbowmen level 3 there is almost no survivors against a pack of 8 broiler dragons. Now if you add ballistas level 3 that should be okay, but not only greek fires may have been researched instead, what about if someone researched sulfur and discover he has none (often the case for towns in peninsulas) ? Then crossbowmen and ballistas are obsolete or at least they can't be level 3 anymore and it's impossible to make riflemen/dragoon, getting a few from slaver/mercenaries won't be enough. Only thing left are the very far special agents but with their very low range and no way to upgrade them they're not even better than crossbowmen, and anyway for war victory it seems to be the best to stay in medieval age.

I'm not even saying that something should be done to address this, I mean, personally I already did the quest with the dragon keys and I don't want to do them again, but instead what I hope is that you won't put such problematic monsters in the New set of random locations that you talked about there . By the way, do you think those will be released before the end of the year ? And what would they be like ? I hope they are not similar to anomalies, I really disliked those, I liked caves mines and dungeons though, and a bit monster dens.

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Please post a screenshot of report

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I didn't actually do it, I used the simulator with, for 9 towns, 9 x 18 crossbowmen = 162, and I modified their attack so it was multiplied by 1.5 (intellect) * 1.16(medieval gloves level 50) after putting the level 3 value first, and life by 1.5 (charisma) * 1.4(medieval helmet level 50), and vs 8 broiler dragons there was only 30 survivors, there would just be a little more if I actually added the hero.

But... judging your answer, are you like, surprised that they almost all die, and think something should be done for that ? In I read that someone was already stuck against a pack of just 6 dragons, so maybe, now, if there is only one pack in the way, it's okay to loose ton of units just once (well maybe twice if you can kill only a few dragons the first try) and be able to progress, what would be more annoying is if there was a lot of packs like in the dragons den, it would still be possible to do it though since they wouldn't respawn... but not everyone has 9 towns (or wine).

edit: I didn't gave them armor level 3, but given how armor works, especially against big damage, this would make almost no difference so I wouldn't do it in the actual game because that would be a waste of resources. I actually almost never give armor to my units, while attack upgrades make them deal almost twice more damage, armor only reduce damage to like 10% in the best cases, like against weak damages, which, if they are weak already, shouldn't kill the units already anyway. I also barely consider artifacts that give 1% armor to my army or wisdom for that same reason, it's not like the armor perks and dexterity that greatly improve the armor of the hero so he can take a few atom bombs all alone. Only point I see in armor otherwise is the very rare cases where units don't get their life completely depleted in a single round and thus can be healed back, but even so you can't have enough healers for that purpose unless you have that much that some of them are in the front of the battle, which isn't good because they will get killed quickly by dozen.

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Actually it's even worse than I though because I multiplied by both helmet and charisma/gloves and intellect while they just add up instead. Anyway, if you want to improve crossbowmen versus dragons without balance issue against other players, the easiest way is to give them bonus versus monster+flying (a bit like cavemen/nomads etc), same for special agents.

Also, a single sulfur may be enough with a more normal amount of towns but with high loss even with a hero level 50: I made another simulation with best helm/gloves renaissance 50 charisma 50 intellect with 5 towns 1 sulfur (90 crossbowmen 18 riflemen), versus 8 broiler dragons there are 17 survivors.

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