I try to let a lot of aggravating things in the game go without comment atm given the situation with the devs.  However, this issue has bothered me for a long time and I need to speak out about it.  I try to donate regularly to support the team.  I don't need any more stuff in my inventory, pretty maxed out.  But I still wanted to donate to keep the game going.

I had built a good level of discount and speedup in the store over time.  However, once again (not the first time this has happened), lost it all in an hour.  The ENTIRE discount/speedup!!!!   I gave real $ to the team, and lost the entire discount/speedup.  

I really, really encourage the devs to consider dropping the perks one level at a time (or 2, or 5) vs the whole thing with a missed "deadline."    I will not be "donating" any more if I don't get a benefit from it.  I'm sure there are a number of long-term players that feel the same (and have told me so).  

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VIP level (discount) depends on spending Enkord Cash, not charging it up.

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I am fully aware of that.  I am full up of items, there is very little I need to buy, as I have accumulated significant amounts of the useful items in the market.  But I continue to donate to support the game.  The system that is currently in place is a disincentive to donating, which is what gets the devs cash, not us buying cyberthings in the store.

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I really really wish we could bank our VIP and activate it using an item (which we would have to buy) when and for however long we need it up to 30 days at a time.  There could be activation items for a few hours up to 30 days, with each item being more expensive than the last.  And, they would be so rare as to not be worth waiting to find if you get my drift.  

I, for one, would probably activate my accumulated and accumulating VIP for 30 days at a stretch.  This would help players on vacation mode too.  They may have dormant VIP but can reactivate if when they return, which would require either an additional donation or the use of any E cash they have that is sufficient, which would bring the need for more donations.  

To increase the incentive, the accumulation of VIP to get the next level of benefits can be significantly slower or have smaller benefits for each level.  VIP could accumulate with donations rather than buying items and only be active for shorter time with the donation, making the purchase of the activation items more attractive as the benefits increase.   :-)  I'm sure you would have an upper limit of VIP however and that would be implemented or remain as well.

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