I have had the same problem on 2 different games. I can't get to the Guardian Moon because there are 5 green gems missing on the Crash site. I have used the magnifying glass on every inch of the site. There are no gems anywhere. I really would like to finished the game and finally visit the Guardian Moon.

8 months ago

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There is a crossbow contraption in the center. You can use it at anytime on the large blue and orange crystals (and later a green one); however, you cannot break through the large crystal blocking the way.

You use the top two buttons to turn the crossbow.

You use the bottom two buttons to raise and lower the angle.

Pressing on the crossbow itself will let an "arrow" loose.

You need the hit the large crystal 3 times and it will explode and leave gems. has image to help.

8 months ago

Thanks but that is not the problem.

8 months ago

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Thanks for the help. I am now able to go to the Guardian Moon. Thanks again.

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8 months ago