Dear Astor, the big gap between left and right column that you introduced, is bad, as it actually makes it harder to read.  Might I suggest you swich the order, of the columns, instead?

Also, would it help reduce the lag, if game options allowed us to opt out of some of the reports and notifications?  There are far too many, they tend to bury the more useful ones.  Especailly the notifications, which spam CC, obscuring chat.

4 months ago

Reply to Stitch :

which spam CC, obscuring chat.

Well personally, what I find the most spamming in the CC, are people saying "congrats" and "thanks" each time someone found a legendary artifact (and never even ever use horns to say anything else than that), if one day actual chat and game information were in separated windows it wouldn't solve this because then I would hide the chat most of the time, hiding some messages that might sometime be useful. Only solution would be something that berserker doesn't want to do: remove the alert sent to everyone (and that even makes the game "blink" if you were in the game...) each time someone won lottery etc. Since this won't be done, I'll keep doing like I do since years: literally ignore every single person that said "congrats" even once, and it works quite well after all, it's just a bit sad and I have to unignore them when they post something on the forum (and reignore them right after).

The conclusion is: if you plan to use the chat one day to say something useful, never ever say "congrats" or even "thanks" or I won't be able to see what you said.

4 months ago

The notification system needs tuning and it was confirmed by us that we acknowledge the problem and its on our todo list, but our resources are limited, so maybe one day.

4 months ago