I have read the previous posts where the admins said that deleting an account was not possible because the forum threads etc. I can't see a problem why you couldn't keep the thread live without naming the deleted member. I have unwittingly got myself into a mess, the threads and most of posts have been deleted anyway but - as I would consider to play again sometimes in the future (not any time soon, though), I don't want to have my new game identity associated with the original account. Not  for any cowardly reasons - basically just to make me able to play again with  a clean slate , without getting mesages from people who I dared to disagree with like "I know who you are" . I want to start again with a new identity and I hope the admins will make this possible for me.

There's a message for all newish, less experienced or casual players I would like to be read - if you're constantly attacked by an alliance or a single player, don't complain in the forums, don't reply any private mesages and don't react to any - however malicious - firework banners that appear above your land. Gather evidence, taking screenshots of anything - even subtly - malicious, and  when you're sure that you're a target of bullying, present your evidence to the admins. Do not argue as you are very unlikely to win, do not let yourself be dragged in the dirt because, in the process, you'd absorb some of the dirt/hate...and believe me, it has a great psychological impact.

P.S. Don't feel scared, most people on this game are nice and easy to talk to - there's just a handful of notorious haters and troublemakers (who I won't name but you will find out very soon who they are - not an entire alliance, just individuals). Enjoy this game as much as I used to - just be wise. The dogs can bark but the caravan goes on :)

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