i was thinking about it , why not make a discord server ? it can pretty much function the same and better than the forums in some aspects ,  also giving the players a way to communicate with others better. Ive seen quite a few games doing that recently.

4 weeks 0 days ago

Speaking of a Discord server, that sounds like a great idea, where people gain more communication. If we do have a discord server; we should have channels like; announcements, discussion, advice, media, TT1, etc. I like the idea of a Discord server because we get to have more real-time communication here, and some place where other players can get advice and guidance easily. But, if we were to run it, we need like mods, admins, and bots to keep the place going. Just saying though.

3 weeks 2 days ago

The majority of players in this game I would assume, would not like the idea of using discord, especially the voice chat part lol. And I doubt the dev team would put the time in to run and official discord server. How ever, that being said, discord is a service anyone could use. Why not try starting your own community server in discord for this game? And there are already tons of scripts you can use for free to help admin. 

That would be my suggestion anyways, build it and announce it here. Maybe others will join you.

3 weeks 0 days ago

Yeah.  Firefly has a discord server that some of our members use and we get together there to chat either by text or on a voice channel. 

2 weeks 6 days ago

Would love to have a Discord server even if it's just for the players and fans to discuss and get help in.

1 week 2 days ago