dragons killing units further down the ranks?

Since the last update I've noticed this happening. Not sure if this is a bug or a new feature? If so, will some trainable units also have that possibility? And will equipement added % attack vs ranged work against dragons?

I have to say it kinda spoils the fun because all ranged units have very little hp, I always try to have enough close-in ones to fill up the front rank and protect the weaker ones lining up behind them. Now it's all worthless...

3 years ago

I've increased range for dragons from 1 to 2, forgot to put that into the update log.

The dragons are dragons now back again, not punch bags :)

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3 years ago

But for normal units range means units from further ranks can still attack. Not that they can attack someone in the back. If dragons can do that, why can't human ranged units? And is the enhancement vs ranged units working against dragons now? It wasn't before the update...

3 years ago

The dragons work exactly like every other ranged unit now, but the fact that they are aerial may cause some differences. Yes, the bonus vs ranged should work against them now.

3 years ago

Have dragons been made more difficult yet again? I just sent 35 fully upgraded units, range 1 meat shields, range 3 and 4 with healers, and hero at level 50 equipped with all aerial and range perks and weapons, to go against group of 6 dragons (normally would avoid, but have repeated groups of 6 in dungeon and hoard). Within 30 seconds all were killed, and I only killed 2 dragons!

This had happened 3 times with various configurations of units. Though I have experienced losses in the past, this is frustrating at best, unfair at worst.

5 months ago

I thought that the dragons had been made harder too as I tried twice with Centian using around 60 units comprising of level 3 crossbows and level 1 musketeers, 2 commandoes, 2 medics along with level 3 sisters the first time and we all died. The second attempt was with around 60 level 1 units did get to briefly see the black door but nearly all died with the first dragons just round the corner before I hit the emergency exit buton to get Centian out of there alive.  

4 months ago