Why does it take so long to get the second and 3rd tools? It hinders the gameplay tremendously and am loosing interest if I cannot make progress. I know that a lot of players feel the same. Please speed up the dropping of tools!!  Pretty please? This is my third time playing and I just cannot fit into the 150 days period.

1 month ago

It depends on your level. Focus more on earning experience for your hero and it will be faster.

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1 month ago

Level 2 tools appear in chest, once hero reaches level 10 or more.  Each level increase your chance of finding tools, about 5%, roughly.  So level 10 has 5% chance of a tool in a chest, level 11 has 10%, etc.

Level 3 tools are hero level 20 and above.  Level 4 tools level 30 and above.

So earning experience points and levelling up, are how you get better tools.

1 month ago