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- Now for each 100k experience gained after level 50, hero will receive 1 "Figurine of Enlightment".I already was level 50 and i got a fig of enlightenment when i reached 100 000 after that, which is useless.I would like to suggest, that heroes with enough exp point to meditate to lvl 50 get a fig of enlightenment and those who are already lvl 50 get a fig of teaching.

3 weeks 4 days ago

Agreed.  Or, that those post level 50 figs of enlightenment get carried over to the next incarnation or be transferrable between heroes.  :-)

3 weeks 4 days ago

agreed. Would love to be able to transfer figs earned with additional exp pts to new hero

3 weeks 3 days ago

As seen on my thread that prompted Bers to add this in to the update (, he suggested future possibility of having a vendor able to change figs to some other top end item.
I would think the ability to carry over figs would be deemed game breaking... What's to stop you gaining 20, 30, 50 figs to carry over? That would then make the next hero able to level up far too quickly, breaking the balance of the game.
That's my thoughts on it anyway :)

3 weeks 2 days ago

As one who purchased and carried over about 40 figurines at one time, I can tell you those ecash figs lasted forever and did not make me unstoppable.  They gradually dwindled in number as I used them and transferred them, but I have some of them left, to this day, and it's been since Alpha 8 or so that I had them.  That's a whole lot of heroes ago.  :-)  

I get the point however, so I would like the ability to either use them via transfer or carryover OR trade them for a fig of teaching (which I would prefer at that point anyway) or other high end item of the player's choice.  :-)  Either solution works for me.  

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