Fighters plane behavior - proposition of some change

Last weeks was a time when we can take some experience in air battle. In my opinion there is place to change the fighter plane behavior. Now, the fighters attack first the land unit, the if they not die (which is rare) they can attack another plane. I think the priority for fighters shoud be opposit. First the enemy plane (fighters and bombers in that locations) then the land units (if still have some action points).

In situation like we have now, the fighters are quite usless. Specialy the stealth one. The stealth bombers, can do they job (go undetected  and bomb the town). The stealth fighters can't. They start fighting with everythinhg in the town (even animals) exept the real target -enemy planes. 

The second problem is "baloon wunderwaffe". The baloons are cheep, easy to build, and they help to fight with bombers (angage them and lett the infantry shoot them down) and also, they are almoust indestructable (the fighters dont fight with them). Because of that two things (no fighters support and wonderfull baloons) the air fight is like freaky friday at this moment.If the fighters will atack air units first (another fighters, bombers and also ballons) it will repair that problem with hordes of inmortals ballons.

I will sugest that atack priority:

1st - bombers of the atacking site (no change here)

2nd - fighters of the atacking site (work like normal fighters cover, try to defend the bombers from defender fighters)

3rd - fighters of the defending site

4th - defender land units with ranged shooting skill.

The example of usless stealth fighters:

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11 month ago

I will not make priority on bombers, but I will see if it can make priority on aerial units as a whole.

11 month ago

Will be fixed in the next update

11 month ago

what good are airplanes stealth or otherwise for defending.  your airplanes should be able to attack incoming airplanes...   they do in the real world....   all you have to do is build airplanes there is no DEFENSE  against them.   so this game is set up for bombing and nothing else....WOW

11 month ago