Hi I have searched for the answer but did not find a number. How many friends can you have on the list. I had a message from someone whom I am guessing fell in love with the game a year or so ago. I do not know them and they are not even near me on the map. They said they added me, I asked them to remove the friend request since there is a limit to the number of friends you can have. They seemed a bit upset with that request. But I do not want to be limited if they add me and I do not add them, am unsure of how the game looks at that issue.

I ask this because I had a supporters key that I wanted to send to Senior Frog, he was down as a friend and I had him too, but he was not on the list to send the key to, I went through and deleted a bunch of folks that I had added from 5 years ago who have not played in a while. (Happy pre birthday 10-22), not sure if he is on my list now or not, will find out when I have another key to share. 

 Thanks for a great game.   

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2 months ago

The limit is on your side, you don't have to ask them remove you, you can remove her from your list. The list is shared for both friends and ignored. Back in the days the limit was 100, but I think we have increased it in some of the updates. Also when you invite someone via link both of you are friends with each other automatically.

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2 months ago

Please can the number of friends allowed on the list be increased - considerably.  I keep on having to delete people to add new friends.  What this means is that I delete the old names with the longest time since they last played.  However, some of those I would really like to know if they return to the game.  Many people do return after a gap, even a big gap in time.

2 months ago