[Guide] Understanding and reading battle reports.

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---An unit that deals bonus damage versus a specific unit, will take one more turn, on top of the normal turn, to deal that damage (2 actions per round if it is fighting the appropriate unit, if not 1 action).

The same seams to go for healing, untill all healing points are used up. So if a witchdoctor heals some unit to the max, it will heal the next unit untill all heal points are used.

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Can somebody explain how armor works?

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Hello :)

I'm playing for the first time despo (this is my second hero) And I try to understand the reports. So this is very helpfull. But we did a joined attack today and the report skipped the second round (more rounds, but this one is important).

In this second round I think 4 out of 6 hero's died. But we can't see why or what happend, because the round is skipped. So why is this round skipped and on top of that, do the special items still work in the battle for the army after the hero dies?

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And when there are over 2500 troops in the attack and only a few hundred die, why do all the heroes die? Are they targetted first?  I saw no evidence in any round of any of them even being hit.  I see healing going on, but nothing hitting them.  Agree with Tulip, this cut down attack report is not very usefull if we lose information.  Also, it is very hard to tell what unit is indicated in the tiny pictures, is it possible to have the information displayed when mouse is hovered over the unit as it does for the hero crest next to the picture?

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