Some of the decline in donations may be due to the economy at the moment.  There is a lot of unemployment in several countries right now.  It is normal for people to cut back on their spending.

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I love this game, I have trouble getting on sometimes, but I bear with it and yes I do report it, but touch wood its has been sorted as soon as is possible,

I honestly think I would of gone mad by now if it wasn't for this game, I play it everyday, I love the people I have met on here and like many I know on here now are proud to call the my friends

I donate what I can when I can, not only for builds times to go down but it helps!!!

I wish I could donate more, but im disabled and unable to work, but please believe me if I could I would, I don't want this game to end, Ive been playing for years and wouldn't know what to do with myself if I couldn't get back on 


Thank you for everything you have done so far, I can imagine it can be frustrating for you on many levels, trying to get things done and trying to please everyone, I just hope you don't give up and if there`s anything any of us can do to help you, I`m sure I speak for a lot of people who play, please tell us and we will help as much as we can xxx

1 week 3 days ago

Reply to berserker :

If by pulling the plug you mean shutting down the game then no, I will keep the servers as long as at least few players are playing. If you mean new content then it depends on donations. They are declining and if they reach certain low level, I will not be able to justify updates and new content.

Maybe the problem is that the game is too acidic.

For a successful game, too much donation is required (before the obsurd a lot even to write to the general chat you need to zadonatit lol (yes you can appeal the fact that the desired item is easy to find on the map and buy it is not necessary), but the fact that he knows the word Donat’s obsurd degree) Donat practically accelerates your science by 75% which gives the donator an unequal advantage (pay and win).

A successful game takes too much time in the early stages when new players just come in. They need to sit 24/7 to avoid overflowing warehouses in order to fully realize their potential (this is very frustrating) filling up warehouses happens so quickly that even when you go to sleep in the morning you you find out that you missed too much. There are so many buildings to sit all day and all night in the game in order to keep up.

The lack of a round system causes players to throw their heroes before playing them.

There is so much acid in the game that any Clash Royale can envy it.

PS I know that you understand Russian for this I will attach the original below

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