Hi Totem Tribe Jotun people. I am about to give up on the game because of aggressive players. I spent hundreds of dollars already to keep my 100 day long adventure. And I started because of the puzzles and "casual game" promise. However, this is turning out to be a nightmare. Whenever my  lada's ward is over, I am attacked! You should find a way to protect the peaceful players. I am sure you know the story. I am doing my best to keep a good defense but what can a new country do against the more advanced ones? Either make ladas ward available to be purchased at a reasonable price or stop these aggressive players. I am doing all the right stuff advised by the forum and I am prepared to spend money however not when it keeps on being zeroed by these people and I don't even have time to enjoy the puzzles or stories. I played totem tribe and totem tribe gold so many times. Jotun is unfortunately is nothing like them because of the aggressive players. And there are caves, dungeons, etc. that are perfect and I am not able to enjoy them! Solve this problem! If not I will abandon the game by August. I am not going to spend a thousand dollars per year just to defend! I am sure there are many casual players feeling just as I do. This is an exceptionally good game. And I have a couple of hours every evening to play and wind down. But not when I am stressing every evening if someone attacked me and spending so much money but getting nothing in return. Thank you

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