Impossible to settle towns in industrial if oil is still locked ?

Since a recent update, cost to settle a town depends on the age. Does this mean that, if I'm in industrial age because I researched at least one tech there, but that this tech is NOT the one that unlock oil, I will still be asked for some oil to settle a town ? If so, then it's absolutely impossible to settle new towns for a while (even with badges since you don't have the oil unlocked at all), and this time can be extremely long in info age if you reached it with the "right back door" that is to unlock just the food income there since then you still need to unlock a lot of stuff in industrial age first to be able to unlock electricity.

So, if this really works this way, now that I showed those args, do you think you would change it so it ask for oil/electricity/iron(stone too if someone plays really not well and waits for free settlers) not if you are in that age but only if you unlocked that resource ? It would make sense since, this update had in mind the fact that the resources you use to settle, are obtained back in the town you settle, but here, even if it was possible somehow to pay that oil you don't have, you wouldn't have it back in the new settled town since oil isn't unlocked.

9 months ago

same goes for classical age, if you haven't researched iron?

you can't settle a new town till you have researched iron?

9 months ago