It feels like ages since we've had any news

So, any news??? Release date maybe?

11 year ago

Great things are worth the waiting and waiting and waiting;)

11 year ago

BUMP :)    But seriously, a regular 'newsletter' would not come amiss :)   

1. Work in progress i.e. Forthcoming new content and teasers, for the same.  

2. on the to do list :- Possible upcoming improvements to the existing game mechanics, etc.

3. Maybe baby:-  Tester suggestions for the to-do list, that are Berserker approved.

Et cetera, so on and so forth.  

Love and kisses

2 years ago

We are working on new quest locations and it is always been a slow process.

2 years ago

So, what about improvements to game mechanics?   Lag isn't as bad as it once once, but game still lags a bit. in 1. Puzzles :- garden, tiles, Tesla. Candy and Apocalypse puzzle.

2. Typing in chat - sometimes laggy.

3. When a massive attack hits, somewhere.

4. When hero, troops or traders are entering a town, treacle mode ensues.

Maybe baby, we could have more keyboard shortcut keys and less mouse clicks and confirmation screens.

Maybe baby, we could not have this after every time we vip a building, vip a research or vip a troops training.

Maybe baby, the Construction, science and troop training icons, could change colour, when vip ready.

Maybe baby, we could "opt out" of some of the reports and notifications.

Hugs and Happiness.

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2 years ago

Maybe :)

Do you realize this is Totem Tribe Gold forum?

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2 years ago

Oopsy.  Found post by accident, while trying to search forum with Google browser.  Feel free to move it.

2 years ago