Take care of the trees and they will let you pass... What does this mean?  Also where does one find the chisel which lets you break down the stone.

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I can't tell you about the chisel because I haven't found one but as for the trees, you should get a flask (I don't exactly remember where) and you fill the flask with water and go around and use it on all the trees that are dead. It's kind of hard to tell which ones are dead for sure but try and find the ones that are really brown. Once you have found them all it will let you know! Hope this helps, I tried to explain it the best i could.

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Thanks, when the game is up, I will try this

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The flask is under some thorn bushes that you can remove with your stone scythe.  Dip into the river to fill with water (only have to do that once).

I counted a total of 13 trees (I am not sure whether they are always the same, but I think that they are.)

10 trees that need water in the area you can reach without building any bridges

2 trees in the area reached by bridging the chasm that has the rainbow and the stone that says "take care of the trees"

1 tree in the other area reached by bridging the other chasm

When you water the last tree, the screen will move automatically to show the opened path to the village.

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Ok, if you want to know how to tell which trees need to be watered, look at the undergrowth surrounding it. if it's dead, water it, if it's green, no need

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