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SPOILER: Keepers Village Puzzle

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Figured it out, Thank you all for your help

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I finally got it worked out. Here are a few pointers.

1: The flowers only include the white yellow and red flower patches just next to the wheel. The rest of the flowers in the level don't count towards the total.

2: The zero of the wheel is the pointer. I was trying to match certain numbers to other numbers and that can safely be ignored. I suspect there may be other wheel puzzles in the game where its useful but for this puzzle ignore that and just count zero as the pointer of a combination lock.

Count the flowers in this order white, yellow, red. If you go over 10 only the last digit counts. Write down the totals for each.

Then the solution is one of the three hints. You will have to try all 3. You subtract the first number of the hint from the second number. (5=7 is -2 and 7=5 is 2)  You might have either a positive or negative integer depending on the size of your number. If it is positive take those 3 digits from the flower count and move each number clockwise that many steps. If it is negative move the numbers counter clockwise that many steps.  So if the hint is 3 and your flower numbers are 1,2,3, then your combination is 4,5,6. If you go over 9 on any of your combination integers then it rolls around to zero. 


Things the developers could have done to make this puzzle more intuitive is to include some sort of information about the flowers being only those next to the wheel. Putting the hintstone about counting the flowers inside the circle for example instead of randomly throughout the level. 

 Then instead of having numbers on the inner wheel just leave that part blank as its just confusing data. Make it like a combination lock with an arrow and it should make this a lot simpler as that is something people understand already. 

Third of all instead of putting the = sign in the hints just put the digits minus each other. The puzzle is plenty hard enough even with these changes. It goes from needing a forum to explain it to you to being solvable for users by applying logic. 

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