With the advent of multiple languages being there a way to program a translation to English, within the game. It is very cumbersome to copy and paste into google translate when trying to handle diplomacy. I know you have this implemented in the forum already.

2 days ago

That's right. This is a good idea. I have seen games with this kind of technology. You click on a message (or something like that) and it translates it for you as if you were using google

2 days ago

I agree. I would be very helpful and perhaps give us a way to make sure what we are using as a translation is correct.  :-)  I'm not 100% confident of the Google translations of English to Cyrillic Russian and vice versa and would not like to inadvertently say something I did not mean to say.  

2 days ago

Just as an example, I was having discussion in Russian using Google Translate (a cumbersome procedure before I've finished my first coffee, btw) and I found out what I was saying was NOT translating the way I wanted it to, substituting a somewhat naughty and inapplicable word for a perfectly innocent English word.  Google translate is either wrong or we will all need to change the words we normally would use to peacefully communicate.  So, if it's Google then not only is it a pain to use it's wrong and I'd strongly advocate for a translation feature built into the game if possible and as soon as  possible.  :-))

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