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Making Notes on Hero (Work Smart)

I thought I would share my "template", for making notes on each hero I play.  Please feel free, to add your own versions.  :)

I also added in a bit of advice and info, I thought might be useful.

Work smart     Madam Mim (1 wealth) 8th November 2022  17.23   13 days old

Towns - map numbers, contents (used for "hopping", then demolished)

Salem 1581 2639 Garden/flower puzzle (demolished)

Clotho 1577  2639 (harbour)   stone architect, smelly graveyard.(demolished).

Rivet   1574 2636    birdhouse maze  22.44  8.11.22 (demolished)

Nanny Ogg Tesla puzzle  19.01  8th Nov 22. (keeping this one, probably. Date and time noted, as chests appear every 48 hours, visitors every 24 hours.)

A town that had been demolished, can be settled again, at a later date. It will still be clear of fog and have all the content, it had before.  Especially important, ARCHITECTS.  There are 12 total, for each hero, 5 needed, for wealth victory.

To do  (unfinished locations).

Hidden cave - message found, big chasm, bears brown and white

Spooky mine worms 2s1m

Dark dungeon  - 8 large mummies

Moscow (prison)  Tokyo (school) Madrid  (zoo) Toronto (virology) lincoln (Mall)    RUINS

f - found v - visited  code - updated to device.  (special sections, unique to ruins).

Device/Gadget is usually found in a special section, Moscow or Tokyo.

Little Boston     fv code

Second Paris    fv code 

Small London    f

Berlin Am Teya   

Better Moscow       fv code    device found here (end room in prison) 

Shin Tokyo  fv GOLEMS

Neuvo Madrid 

Fayne Toronto 

Lincoln City  

These are the 9 you need to finish, to reach Big Finale (not a fight).  An extra 3 are found at high level hero.

Creature Habitats.  First 4, when emptied, started producing resources at 14 days 0 hours.

Wizen Wood  0  level 10  5 ea 18.55  105 ea 15.11

Mortuary 15   level 10   5 ea 19.03   105 ea 15.11

Deadly canyon  30   level 10  5 ea 19.11   105 ea  15.10

Cursed Pyramid 45   level 10   10 ea 19.53   105 ea 15.09  20.09  130 ea

(My working notes, on figuring out this new content).

Cursed Pyramid 2  14 days 12 minutes  Plundered 160 each fwsi 15.15 9th Nov  

Burial pyramid level 17.  10th Nov  16.52   221 each  about 8.75 each ph or 210 daily.


Daily allowance gratis  30% of recipients daily production. (or 6 hours worth)

To boost, before deliveries, turn off science and sent army out to eat (dens, locations, with food.)  After delivery REMEMBER to turn science back on.

Petroglyph level 10;-  8000 science points per hour, (cost 800 stone for 2 hours) boosts and corruption apply.  Usually best just to have in dwelling, due to having enough stone, to feed "pet rock".

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