Playing 2 heroes of same account at the same time with the game opened twice

I'd like to play 2 heroes at the same time, one doing wealth victories, one doing culture ones, because it would be great that when one of those 2 heroes finish its victory, both heroes get the benefit of vip points. Now the problem is that switching between heroes every minute would be tedious (can't even do it only when there is a message like "building of x is complete" because it happens like 4 minutes after I could have finished it instantly), so I wish I could have 2 games opened at the same time, one for each hero (using browser version or sandboxie for the 2nd hero), but it's not possible because logging to the account with the second game disconnect the first one. An alternative could have been to play on 2 different accounts, but then the vip points wouldn't be shared.

So, any though about this or something you could change to make it possible (right now it is possible but as I said, would require to switch hero very often, I can't ask for an improvement of the interface in this regard I guess) ? Like either disconnecting the account only if entering the game with the same hero instead of just same account, or, if I play on 2 different accounts, when one of them reach victory, giving vip points to the 2 accounts (that sounds like a very good idea in fact: they are shown in game as "associated" so that would make perfect sense and would be easy to code). I play this game since 2014 so I keep thinking of new ways to keep playing it since I don't like anything else, except a card game sometime. Donators may like it too, it exists in some other games, it's called multi-boxing.

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1 month ago

Also I just noticed a bug: if I select the town of another hero on same account, I can see the time left of current upgrade, and I can click on the speed up button, but even if there is less than 1 minute left, it will tell me than the building was completed because there was less than 1 mn left, but it doesn't complete it.

1 month ago