So here is the story behind many of my recent bug reports: I only play tt2, and doing nothing between 2 upgrades in front of my computer really makes me bored, but I discovered that for unknown reasons, when instead I lie on my bed eyes closed with my phone in pwa next to me with sound on to tell me when an upgrade is done, I'm not bored anymore ! So that's often how I play the game now, but it has issues and bugs.

First, before hearing the "upgrade complete" sound, I'm hearing many little sounds that I don't care about like traders coming back home.

Then, when I finally hear that sound, it means that I could have finished the upgrade instantly 1 minute ago every time, and it would be even worse if I donated so I had vip (or during 20 days after a victory), in that regards it's like telling donators that they are paying something that they won't use.

Also, if my income is greater than 3600 in one resource, I will often hear the resource sound as reported here and it's very annoying and there is no workaround.

Also there is no sound for when an alliance declares war as reported here , so by playing this way I could miss the pop-up and start using a truce only 15 minutes after the war was declared.

And most importantly, the game crashes every about 15 minutes despite nothing is happening as reported .

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