Reports about new browser/game version (which is awesome)

I tried again with iphone 6s (in some random browser that at least, unlike mainstream ones, is able to be fullscreen), and the game doesn't crash anymore except in 2 cases where the game freeze (if anyone could confirm this happens to them too): when I click on reports tab (strange because alliance reports works perfectly), and when I click to have the minimap in big in the world map.

I saw the different improvement, but mainly the new zooming in the world map with 2 fingers (or mouse wheel) is awesome, is the same coming too for inside towns ? You should for some small puzzles like garden. It has a tiny bug right now: when zoom is not exactly at default level, the clouds show a grid.

A bit too early for this but saying anyway: on phone, resolution is not large enough to show all buildings you can build when in info age, so can't build them all. Strange because I tried the windows version in 640x480 and I had a horizontal scroll bar in that case so it wasn't an issue.

By the way, is it just me or since a week, this website doesn't show the Totem Tribe 2 icon in tabs in browser ?

2 months ago

And, I saw some people in common chat confused about how the new hero perks look like: on my phone it's rotated by 90° (with the icons still facing up) so it's not confusing at all, it really makes sense, but that sure doesn't make the Grandmaster Perk look anything special on windows version.

2 months ago

Just noticed a trivial issue: the rectangle on the minimap showing what your screen is currently showing, doesn't shrink or get bigger if you zoom in or out, making it wrong.

2 months ago

I have posted news to explain this update

Also in the news post about browser version I have specifically mentioned that this is for full-size devices like tablets, not for phones, because screen is not adapted for phones.

On phones we will make the game run in portait mode with adjustments for the interface.

2 months ago

I have been using an iPad with the game. The loadup and refresh speed seems faster than on my laptop. The game is working well except in a few areas. The screen locks better than 50% of the time when my hero goes into battle. It also locks up when I am PMing someone. I can continue to PM, but when I try to go back to play, it is locked.  One really good thing is that the reload is very quick.

2 months ago