I would like to suggest, that when we use resources and the storage has K in it, the reduction is visible immediately. At the moment, when for instance I am upgrading an Oil Reservoir, it takes a long time till i see how much i have left. I could look at the cost of the upgrade, and calculate it, but this a game not a math test!

Especially in info age, where everything is so expensive, it would save a lot of time.

If the storage has no K in it, it can go to the correct amount immediately too, as far as I am concerned.

11 month ago

I totally agree with this, I usually go out to the world and back in to get the resources to catch up instantly, but to me that is not the best answer to this. the animation on resources can cause long lag times.

11 month ago

Agreed.  The resource deduction for building should be an instantaneous event.  It would cut down on lag especially where builds require resources in the 10s of thousands to do.  Watching the resource level count down is less efficient imo and frustrating to force the deduction by going onto the world map.

The same thing goes for additions to storage whether from chests or trades or assistance from alliance members and others.  Increases should be instantaneous as well.

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11 month ago