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Science Hammers?

This is a suggestion only.

We have speed ups for science of treatise / encyclopedias and also increasing science produced in towns.  It is a pain to see that you have 6 hours left before next tech and know that it will finish while you are sleeping.

This means that you are wasting at least 2 to 4 hours before you choose the next tech.

Could we possibly have something like the paton's hammer to be able to stack the next tech to start when the last one finishes?  Maybe limit it to 1 and its not really a speed up, its like stacking builds like we do with our houses and such.  It would "make" you pick the next tech?

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This would be very helpful. I could also be like the Analytical engine, were you could only use up to a predetermined era. Maybe you can only purchase a specific amount per era? Anything that can be done would only enhance what we have now. 

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It's a nice idea, but many people have asked for some way of "stacking" science research, over many years, without success.   So, here are some other ways, of working around the problem:-

You can change the % of resources, you spend on science production, in the science building (shrine of knowledge/library), so that it finishes later.  

This would required you to have enough storage, to hold the extra resources.  Also, the hard bit, is remembering to change it back, afterwards.

In the early ages, the Petroglyph can be a good way, to boost science production.

Petroglyph level 10, 8000 science points per hour, (cost 800 stone for 2 hours) boosts and corruption apply.

Due to the need for a lot of stone, I build just one Petroglyph in dwelling and use my green and blue books there.  Add in 6 hero science perks and it is boosted by 55%, i.e. another 4,400 points per hour.

Corruption starts with town 3, which is 10% per town, town 4 gives 20% corruption per town, etc.  Corruption is applied to resource production, science production and culture points.  As science production is based on resource production, it takes a double hit.

I like to play Republic, which gives 200% (double) resource production in dwelling, which increases science production by a lot, but Petroglyph still has 8,000 science point base.

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I think a science hammer is a great idea. Lots of things have changed in the game over the years so why not this too but I agree that it should have limits imposed on it.

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