When the quest key is marked, I don't always know which quest was updated. I think it would be good if the updated quest was marked in some way. Maybe a red dot like what was added to inventory would be good. 

I find it difficult to read across the lines on the member list under the alliance tab and in the rankings. If every other line was shaded it would be much easier to find the information I'm looking for. 

I would like it if there were some kind of master switch on research that would turn all research off and make it to where upgrading a research building during that time will not turn the research back on. If not one switch, maybe there can be an option on each building to chose not to automatically increase % after upgrading. 

I think there should be kitty crests.

9 months ago

All suggestions very reasonable and not too hard to implement - we will add them to our todo list.

Speaking about last suggestion - when research is at 0% it won't grow after update. Are you sure yours was on 0 ?

Edited by berserker 9 months ago.

9 months ago

Really good suggestions.

I upgraded a school (promoted) with research at 0%, from level one to level two. After upgrade was finished, the research went to 42%.

9 months ago

Mine always goes straight back up when the building is upgraded, even if it is at zero.  

9 months ago

Yes. They were on 0%. It has happened several times. Thank you for considering my ideas.

9 months ago