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Special places "on the map"

Hi Bers,

The icon that brings us to the menu of quest locations, points of interest and habitats is called "Special places on the map". However, when we go into the menu to select any special place, what it does it move our main view (whole screen) to the area where the special place is located. However, in order to see where the location is in the context of the whole map, we need to close the menu to see the mini map again, and the little square on it tells us where the location is.

There are many reasons why I would like to see immediately whereabouts locations are when clicking on them in the tab, and I am sure other players have them (or other reasons) too. Sometimes I want to use certain resource POIs as close as possible to bring me resources quickly. Sometimes I want to use more distant POIs on purpose because the longer distance has benefits. Same with quest locations, especially during times when tavern/interpol is not (yet/anymore) available or low level, I prefer looking for a closer location when I know I only have let's say an hour of online time and don't want to spend too much time walking.

I am sure there are other solutions, but our immediate thinking was that the mini map should still be visible while browsing through the location menu, sort of like this.

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Would it be possible to have a developer look at this idea? It is very annoying when you have something like 25 of the same items and you have to click 25 times get out of the view to see where on the map this item is ,then back to POI view to click on the next and so on, until you decide which is the best option at this moment. Do I want to visit a far place or do I need the item ASAP.

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