(SPOILER ALERT)Zodchiy camp capacities

Both my husband and myself are pursuing wealth victory for 2nd time with our heroes. He recently completed Zodchiy with last bldg. requiring 225K each. He had 2 camps to lvl 10 and one camp to lvl 8, with capacity of 246975 f,w,s and 243225 iron.

Two days later, I find my lvl 8 camp only provides capacity of 222975 f,w,s and 216773 iron. So have to raise last camp to lvl 9 to hold enough for 225K.

Has the capacity of camps recently been changed or is this a bug?

7 months ago

Different ages have different base capacity in addition to camp capacity.

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7 months ago

thx for the quick response. My mistake, I forgot about the age differences.

7 months ago