Could I get some help in figuring out how many dragon keys are in each location, pretty please with a cherry on top? I have 8, I know there is 1 in the wormhole (but I need boo koo more eggs to open the chest) so I am missing one somewhere. Also maybe a way for the game to tell me or give me a hint as to where to look, thanks for any help.  

2 years ago

HA ha ha, whine and find it. too funny.

2 years ago

I have 9 and wondered if you found out where they all are sandy sue? I think a bug ate one of mine! Can I get help finding the second one in Spiders den, if that's where I'm missing one? I think the game was crashing when I found one of them. 3 days left for Stormy before apocalypse so getting desperate

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2 weeks 5 days ago

no location has more than 1 key.   dragon Hoard, scorpion, yeti , spider, gladiator,  muscard, smuggler, animated, wormhole, and infested....  Hope this helps

2 weeks 4 days ago